modules & connectors



While creating a kosima project you build a structure of basic building blocks, similar to playing with LEGO. In kodisein the individual 'LEGO pieces' are called modules.

There are different sets of modules available:

You may connect one module to another, if they have matching...


The interfaces between modules. We distinguish several types of connections:

  • Matrix connections
  • Value connections
  • Attribute connections
  • Texture Set connections
  • Particle connections

The connections are directional: there exist two connectors for each connection type, one in connector and one out connector.

The images above depict a module with it's matrix out and matrix in connector highlighted (blue).

Some modules with their value in connectors (left) and value out connectors (right) highlighted in white.

A module may have multiple connectors. For example, the camera module has 7 matrix out connectors, 1 matrix in connector and 7 value in connectors:

Connecting and Disconnecting

You may connect two modules in different ways:

  1. Select the in connector of module A and the out connector of module B. Then activate the menu item edit > module > connect (or press it's shortcut key 'c').
  2. Select a module with a free out connector. If you create a new module with an corresponding in connector afterwards, kodisein will automatically connect the new module with the selected module.

You may disconnect two connected modules by selecting a connector and activating the menu item edit > module > disconnect (or press it's shortcut key 'd').

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