modulators, triggers & values



Modulators are special modules that enable you to get 'life' into the scenes of your projects. They provide the 'heart beats' of your animation. By controlling their sequence pattern and speed you will be able to match the rhythm of the animation to those of the music.

Once a modulator is started, it continuously generates values in the range [0,1] at it's value out connectors. You will use this values to change the attributes of other modules by connecting to their value in connectors.


In contrast to a modulator, the trigger module provides a more interactive and less automatic way to change your scene. After pressing it's activation key, it generates a sequence of values between [0,1] as well, but only once. It stays inactive afterwards (value 0) until you press it's activation key again.


Normally, for a certain attribute you will need values from a different range than [0,1]. For example: a full rotation requires values in the range [0,360]. Therefore you can modify the modulator values with a set of mathematical operation modules, e.g.:

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