texture sets


A texture set manages a hierarchy of textures.
Texture sets are stored in independend files (.kts), so you can reuse them in many projects.

You may load and edit more than one texture set into kodisein but only the texture set that is specified in the global modulators inspector will be used by your project.

The Hierarchy

You create a texture set by connecting a 3-level hierarchy of the following modules:

Texture Set Module

The texture set module is the root module of each texture set. The only purpose of this module is to store the file name under which the set will be stored.

Texture Batch Module

You should use the batch level to order your textures by themes or general usage. For example, you could use the first batch for background images and assign each of the remaining batches to one object in your scene.

Texture File Module

The second and third level of the hierarchy consist of texture file modules.

The second level simply contains the different textures of a batch. You use this level for example to define the textures for different parts of an object.

Texture Versions

The third level should be used to store different versions of a texture, e.g. image sequences or similar patterns. This enables you to create time-lapse like animations by rapidly changing the version index.

Read the mini tutorial 'textures' for a more information.

File Formats

kodisein recognizes texture files by their suffix. The following suffixes/fileformats are recognized:

tif, tiff

Please note, that OpenGL requires the texture's width and hight to be a power of 2. kodisein will automatically scale the images but this will significantly slow down the application while loading image files.

Opening & Saving & Closing Texture Sets


There exist several ways to open a texture set:

Enter the path of a texture set file in the global modulator's inspector and press .

Activate the menu item file > open... Search and open a texture set file in the appearing filebrowser.

If you open a kodisein project in which the global modulator has a texture set file defined, the specified texture set will be opened automatically.


Save a texture set by selecting a module in it's hierarchy and activate the menu item file > textures > save.

The texture set will be saved under the filename you specified in the texture set module's inspector.


To close a texture set, select a module in it's hierarchy and activate file > textures > close Logo