menu shortcuts



While working with kodisein, you may perform any available operation by activating it's menu item. For a faster activation, you can use the associated keyboard shortcut.

The shortcuts of the menu items will be displayed if you activate view > mode > show shortcuts.

The symbols before the key represent the modulator keys:

Shift, Control, Alt and Meta/Apple

Defining Shortcuts

Because everybody probably has different preferences and a different keyboard layout, the shortcuts are not hardcoded but freely changeable.

You change the shortcuts the following way:

  • activate the item you want to change while pressing
  • enter the new shortcut and press afterwards

If you activated view > mode > show shortcuts before, the new shortcut should be displayed immediately.

Note, that you will receive an error messge, if you try to asign a shortcut which is already defined for another menu item (or any prefix of it). Note also, that the maximum length for a shortcut is 2 (modulated) keys.

Preferences File

Your shortcuts will be saved in the preferences file, when you quit the program. It is located in the application's folder:

To restore the default shortcuts, simply delete this file before starting kodisein.

Default Shortcuts

The following table lists the available menu items and their default shortcuts:

  save s
  save as ... s
  open ... o
  close w
    texture file t f
    texture batch t b
    texture set t s
    save t s
    close t w
  quit q
    focus on selection f
    zoom on selection y
    camera view v
    set reset r
    reset r
    hide modulators h m
    hide connections h c
    hide inactive h i
    hide textures h t
    hide picked h p
    hide selected h s
    hide unselected h u
    hide cameras h c
    hide lights h l
    show all
    fast & ugly n
    wireframe w
    constrained rotation r
    full screen f
    show shortcuts s
    show fps f
  show modules m
  show objects o
  start animation p
  transform   m m
  scale   m s
  rotate   m r
  translate   m t
  identity   m i
  goto   m g
  label   m l
  matrix hub   m h
    color a c
    texture a t
    texture (file) a f
    texture matrix a t
    material a m
    blend a b
    size a s
    attribute hub a h
  sphere   o s
  cube   o c
  cylinder   o y
  disk   o d
  face   o f
  point   o p
  l-system   o l
  text   o t
  particle emitter o e
  particle   o P
  vertex   o v
  light   o l
  camera   o c
    add modulated variable a
    multiply modulated variable m
    multiply and modulo s
    trigger switches value t
  variable v v
  multiply v m
  modulo v m
  add v a
  switch v s
  trigger v t
  random v r
  attack v a
  decay v d
  invert v i
  modulator v m
  cut x
  copy c
  paste v
    center c
    connect c
    disconnect d
    position r p
    rotation r r
    size r s
    all r r
    next sibling
    previous sibling
  unpick z
  reset m r
  stop m s
  stop mouse modulation m m
  show status m i
  show inspector i
  show console c
  hide menu h m
  show preferences h m
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