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In this minitutorial you will learn how to create the smallest possible kodisein project.

Start by selecting the global modulator and connect a texture (file) module to it's background connector by activating objects > attributes > texture (file).

Open the inspector by activating window > show inspector and enter the path to a texture file in the file field:

The selected texture will be displayed on the attribute module:

If you now switch to play mode (view > start animation), you will see the texture filling the available space:

Congratulation! You just created the smallest possible kodisein project :-)

But I admit, it is a little bit boring, so let's improve it in some simple steps. First of all, change the background color (if you selected a texture with no transparency, you may skip this step):

Select the texture (file) module and activate objects > attributes > color:

This will connect and select a color module to the texture (file) module. Change the color values in the inspector:

Now, add a texture matrix module (objects > attributes > texture matrix):

Select the 'rot x' value in connector (in the image below, the slightly brighter left sphere):

Activate the menu item value > shortcuts > add modulated variable:

This shortcut creates the following three value modules:

In the next three steps, you will connect the empty value in connector of the red multiply module with a value out connector of the global modulator:

First, select the connector by clicking on it (it will be highlighted in white):

Second, while holding down (the SHIFT key), select one of the value out connectors of the global modulator (the cones):

Third, connect the selected connectors by activating edit > modules > connect or pressing it's shortcut 'c'.

A line will appear, which connects the connected connectors :-)

Repeat this process for the 'rot y' connector of the texture matrix and the other value out connector of the global modulator:

Congratulations again, you have finished the 'hello world interactive!' project if it looks similar to the following image:

In play mode you will be able to rotate the texture by moving the mouse.

(Don't forget to listen to some good music while playing with your project :-)

In just a few more steps you can improve the project to get some really nice and interesting results. I provide the project file and some screenshots here and leave it as an exercise for you to analyse it:

Project File


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