kodisein for windows released.


kodisein moved to sourceforge.


After almost two years, i decided to put some work again into kodisein. There will be a Windows version and an updated Mac OS X version available soon.


kodisein has been reviewed in the japanese magazine MacPeople. Big thanks go to Hiroo for the review and sending me a copy of the issue.

(The image provides a link to a bigger version of the article)

Nevertheless, because I got very few feedback so far, I have stopped the development of kodisein. Maybe I will resume it, if somebody is interested in the software.

But the work I have done wasn't completely useless: I am using the kodisein framework (now called kodilib) for my new project 'kiki the nano bot'.


kodisein 1.0.0 realeased.

Read the CHANGE_LOG for a list of the new features.

The documentation of the new features isn't completely finished yet. I was eager to publish the new version as soon as possible because (IMHO) it's much better than the 0.94a version.


kodisein 1.0 preview realeased in a binary version.


As reported by Peter Toneby, it is very easy to compile the program on Linux (debian distribution):

g++ K*.cpp
g++ main.cpp -o kodisein -lGL -lglut


Initial kodisein version 0.94a released. Logo