change log



Version 1.0.1

Windows port

  • Inno Setup Installer
  • code changed to compile with MSVS C++ 6

Mac OS X Version

  • switched the gui coordinate system to work with the new SDL versions.

some bugfixes

Version 1.0.0

Improvements / Changes

two libraries integrated:

SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer)

  • *all* keys may be used for menu shortcuts and activation keys
  • standard apple keys for cut-copy-paste- and file-operations
  • possibility to hide mouse in play mode (not implemented yet)


  • more file formats for textures (eg. JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG, etc.)
  • "fast & ugly" display mode. displays huge projects in module mode very fast.
  • saving screenshots in BMP format

double click on project and texture set files in the finder opens them in kodisein

manual cameras: interactive camera changes in play mode


  • smooth start & end
  • status display
  • global modulator
    • two new output connectors for mouse x and y values
    • activation key freely defineable
  • modulator control keys freely defineable
  • temporarily binding of mouse values (x or y) to modulators
  • value up and down without 'jumps'
  • maximum sequence length limited to the quite reasonable value of 123456.789 seconds
  • minimum sequence length limited to the also reasonable value of 10 milliseconds

color mask attribute module added


  • behave more standard like
  • submenus don't close on mouse release
  • actions for submenu items removed
  • shortcut display is short now (symbols instead of text)
  • menu items display shortcuts while user changes them
  • restructured
    • own menu for matrix modules
    • application mode items moved from window to view menu
    • texture set items moved from modules to file menu


  • sizes for fullscreen and window mode
  • global modulator activation key
  • modulator control keys
  • default project, two modes: either fixed project or last project
  • directory for screenshots


  • textfields scroll when mouse outside window while selecting
  • key sequence fields improved
  • filename fields recognize ~ (home) abbrevation
  • label alignment in module inspector
  • intro and about panel added


  • picking handles through objects in object mode
  • toggle back from fullscreen to window mode works now
  • window layout (evenly spaced frames), no jumping text/icons
  • some bugfixes in labels and all descendants (text widgets)
  • deselection of children while traversing module hierarchy
  • correct display of texture set indices in texture file module's inspector
  • texture size check (too big textures will be downscaled)
  • many more, which i forgot


  • (re)structured
    • decoupled the library functionality from the kodisein specific functionality
    • MacOSX specific code in own subfolder
    • global defines and enums prefixed with KDL and KDS
  • started to comment code :-)

Version 0.94a

Initial Version Logo