What is kodisein?

VJ Tool

Kodisein was written and designed for one purpose mainly: to be a VJ (VideoJockey) tool. That means: it should be used in discotheques to supplement the music with matching visuals.

This intention had some influence on the kind of visuals you can produce with the program.
Because it's designed to be used live and interactively, there is no timeline or a similar concept integrated, which makes it difficult to tell a story.
But you can design and display abstract scenes (collections of objects in 3d space) and interactively animate them to match the rhythm of the music. You can change in real-time almost every attribute (color, texture, transformation, lighting, etc. ) of the objects in your pre-designed scenes.

Your computer's keyboard serves as the equivalent to the DJ's mixer. Using the mouse enables you to do the visual equivalent to 'scratching'.

3D OpenGLego visuals constructor

You may use kodisein to create and explore new design ideas. After creating a static prototype you could use the animation feature to explore the parameter space of various attributes to optimize the overall design.

Graphical Programming

The program is essentially a graphical wrapper for a small subset of the OpenGL interface. In other words: by using kodisein you are graphically constructing a small 'program' which will later be interpreted and translated to function calls of the OpenGL library.

This abstract view opens a lot of possibilities for further usage of the program. You could maybe use it to test some aspects of your OpenGL engine or do a rapid prototype of an idea you have without the necessity to write and compile a program.

What is it not?

First of all: it is not stable!

The program is still in alpha stadium: there are some known bugs and many of the features are unfinished or unpolished.
You should know that it comes with no warranty whatsoever.

Furthermore, the XML format of the project files is very likely to change, so the files you might create with this version most probably won't work in future versions without some editing by hand.

Don't tell me, you haven't been warned ;-)

It is not easy to use!

As mentioned above, kodisein has some resemblance with a graphical programming language and therefore it will take some time to know how to use it.

It will be easier if you have a basic understanding of Computer Graphics and the underlying mathematics in general and OpenGL in particular.

Because kodisein is hardly comparable to any program you know, you should read the manual before starting to use it. It is also a good idea to read the tutorials.

It is not platform independent

Currently, kodisein runs on Mac OS X and Windows only.

It is written in C++ and uses the STL, OpenGL, GLUT, SDL and SLD_image libraries.

Although these libraries are available on most platforms it will certainly need some work to port it to another OS.

Fortunately, it should be quite easy to compile it on other UNIX flavors.

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