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kodisein Projects

Currently, there are only the example files of the current release featured here.

In the future, I hope to display some projects made by you in this gallery.
If you are interested in kodisein and played with it for a few hours, I am sure you will come up with something more interesting than these projects (which I created for test or demo purposes only, naturally in a very short time).

Send your project(s) to and I will display them here (Please send also a short note, if you want to be mentioned by name and/or if I should mention your e-mail address).


A very simple grid of 'xrosses' surrounded by some rotating colored cubes. Created while testing the new features of version 1.0.


Two tree-like structures consiting of textured cubes. Created for testing the lsystem module.


A very simple animated humanoid.


Inspired by a video from madeindv.


A project made for testing light sources.


A project made for testing the various texture mapping options.


Test project for the different ways to generate and modify modulation values.


Test project for the particle modules. This project is as unfinished as the modules it tests :-). Logo